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The German Course: Intensive and Focused Learning


In the intensive course, you can improve your language skills in daily lessons with many opportunities for the practical application of German. The curriculum is especially designed to provide you with the language skills you need in university and research.

Experienced teachers will support you in:

  • increase your vocabulary and grammar skills,
  • improve language skills for everyday university life,
  • learn about and apply special features of communication in the academic sphere,
  • practice methods and techniques for handling information.

You will work and learn efficiently in small groups and get individual feedback about your progress. The German course consists of 72 hours and will take place on weekdays, 4 hours per day. A placement test prior to starting your classes will help place you at your ideal course level.


Specialized Learning

This intensive German course will teach you exactly what you need:
Participants who have a German level between A1.2 and B1 will acquire the basics they need to enjoy everyday life and to orientate themselves at university. Projects and a focus on scientific topics will also impart subject-specific and university-related knowledge.
Participants who have a German level of at least B2 will improve their knowledge of academic language use and build the language skills that are relevant for university. By working with authentic scientific material, you will acquire an understanding of the characteristics and structure of communication in the academic sphere. In order to improve your general language skills, you will also deal with current media reports.

„A very interactive lesson in which technical vocabulary from many subject areas was developed.“ - Reza

„Our German course has helped us to deepen our intercultural knowledge and enabled us to talk about current topics.“ - E.C.E.


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